Jamaica - some facts & figures

Christopher Columbus arrived on the island in 1494 and described it as "the fairest isle that eyes have beheld". It is located 145 kilometers south of Cuba. Jamaica is the largest island in the English speaking Caribbean; originally named Xaymaca, meaning "land of wood and springs". Jamaica has a very rich culteral heritage. Indeed the country's motto "Out of many, one people" refers to the population's multiracial roots. It is probably best known for its famous reggae music, sporting successes and the arts. Jamaica was first settled by the Spanish, but was later ruled by the British until it gained its independence in 1962. Although Queen Elizabeth II remains the head of state, she is represented on the island by the Govenor General.

Population: 2,652,689
Capital: Kingston
Location: 145 km (90 mi) S of Cuba
Official name: Jamaica
Official language: English, Patois
Monetary unit: Jamaican dollar (JMD) divided into 100 cents
Political system: Parliamentary Democracy
Time: GMT -5 hours
Electricity: 110 volts or 220 volts
International code: +1 876
Area 10,991 square kilometers - (4,244 square miles)
Religions: Anglican, Baptist, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Rastafarian
Industry: tourism, bauxite, textiles, food processing.
Agriculture: sugarcane, bananas, coffee, citrus; poultry.
International Airports

Norman Manley International
Sangster International

Weather Average temperature 28°C (82 ° F)